The Acropolis Mediterranean Grill Gets a Makeover

After nearly 20 years in business, owners of Acropolis Mediterranean Grill are revamping the locally owned restaurant’s look and menu.Former chef and owner Teddy Kyriakidis opened the restaurant, which is near Hamilton Place Mall, in 1995.

Now, Nick Kyriakidis—who formerly owned Niko’s Southside Grill—has taken over the restaurant. His mother, Betty, is still involved but has handed down most of the responsibility to her son.

Niko’s closed in December 2012. Click here to read a story from that time.

“Since we’ve been here 18 or 19 years, we decided to do a massive remodel,” Nick said. “We’ve completely revamped the space, and we are also updating the menu.”

The 5,000-square-foot space is more open now, Nick said. It’s brighter and has an extended bar and patio.

The menu will be more in keeping with the “Mediterranean lifestyle,” which has been popularized by the “Mediterranean diet,” Nick said.

That diet and lifestyle involves eating healthy fats in foods such as salmon. Olive oil and red wine are also components of the lifestyle that the restaurant will embody, Nick said.

The restaurant’s décor also supports a Greek lifestyle and encourages gathering of family and friends, as well as celebrating and laughing, officials said in a news release.

Acropolis Mediterranean Grill is updating its menu. (Photo: Contributed)

The menu improvements include more locally sourced food.

For example, the restaurant’s staff now buys whole fish and prepares them totally in-house.

They are also buying more local ingredients, including Greyfriar’s and Riverview Farms grits and produce, also according to a news release.

And they are working with smaller distributors that carry Signal Mountain Farms products, Mayfield items and North Georgia peaches.

Chef Mac Casteel has joined the team as head chef. He was the head chef at Niko’s the last two years it was open.

Some menu items that had been available at Niko’s, such as eggplant Napoleon and farmers pie, will now be available at Acropolis.

And leaders have added off-site catering. Acropolis crews now cater to groups with as many as 300 people.

Nick said that sometimes people mistake the restaurant for being a chain. But he wants people to know it’s a locally owned, family-run business.

“That is kind of the way we differentiate ourselves,” he said.

-Chloe Morrison, Nooga

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