Wine Trends of 2017

Diversity in the marketplace, evolving standards and quality, and a new-found interest in varieties are all driving the wine trends. Here’s what to watch for this year in wines:

Millennials Make the Market
According to a report from the Wine Market Council in 2015, 36% of wine drinkers are millennials. While that doesn’t seem like a staggering percentage, it is shaping the characteristics of the market. Age no longer plays a significant factor in the selection process, yet branding is of upmost importance. Distinct, creative imagery and packaging set bottles apart in an ever-expanding market. Millennials are also more likely to break from the norm, trying wines they have not heard of from regions near and far.

A Rise in Bubbles
While sparkling wines are still a staple of the holiday season, they are experiencing a rise in popularity. It isn’t champagne that has millennials toasting with bubbly, Prosecco and sparkling Rose have afforded luxury without the cost.

Blends are Better Than Ever
Views of the wine industry are evolving and “blends” have lost the connotation of low quality. In fact, red blends are on the rise as many are now viewing the product as a handcrafted drinking experience.

ABVs Don’t Pack the Same Punch
Just as sparkling waters are on the rise, so are lower proof wines. With ABVs at or below 13%, many varieties offer bigger sweet, fruit flavors and tamer tannins, wine has become an easy drinking experience.

Women are the Wine Drinkers
As in previous years, woman account for the highest percentage of wine sales, yet vary in their purchases. Data concluded that 66% of female wine shoppers make planned purchases with 22% being impulsive, purchasing eye catching bottles over old favorites. When it comes to label designs, traditional, sophisticated designs were as noticeable as organic or fun branding.

Whiskey Turned Wine Barrels
Many wine makers are swapping wine barrels for whiskey, stimulating the rise in bourbon barrel aged wines. Not only does this trend appeal to male buyers, but it distinguishes wine on the shelves.

While wine trends and demographics continue to evolve, one constant that remains unchanged is taste. Whether you are a new connoisseur of bubbly or blends or if you prefer more traditional reds or whites, wine is on the rise. Join us for a relaxing glass of your favorite tonight.

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