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The Mediterranean Diet has been a way of life and way of eating for centuries. More than a meal plan, this diet is a living style. In addition to healthy eating, the Mediterranean Diet focuses on stress free living and enjoying meals in the company of family and friends. Going Greek is built on foods low in saturated fats, packed with healthy oils and rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.

Here are the main components and foods of the Mediterranean Diet.

Fruits & Vegetables
The most important components of the Mediterranean Diet are fruits and vegetables. When following this meal plan, you should consume 5 to 10 servings per day. A half cup of cooked produce or 1 cup of raw fruits and vegetables equals one serving.

Healthy Fats
Olives and olive oil are synonymous with Greek dining. In addition to being staples of the Mediterranean Diet, olives are a good source of healthy fat. Strive to eat 4 to 6 servings of these healthy fats each day. A serving is 1 teaspoon of olive oil, 5 olives on 1/8 of an avocado.

Nuts & Seeds
Nuts, seeds and legumes are rich in fiber and protein. They are also a great source of antioxidants and heart healthy fats. Try to enjoy half a cup of hummus or lentil at least 2 times per week. A small portion of nuts daily is also recommended.

Dairy is also included in the Mediterranean Diet. Cultured milk dairy such as yogurt and fresh cheeses are the best forms to incorporate into your diet. These varieties are the easiest to digest and rich in bacteria that aids digestive health. When following this meal plan, you should consume 1 to 3 servings daily. 1 cup of milk or yogurt or 1 oz. of cheese is considered a serving.

Fish & Eggs
Fish and eggs are both on the meal plan of a Mediterranean Diet. It is suggested that you eat a 4oz. serving of fish 2 to 3 times a week. Lean meat and poultry can be eaten too, but in moderation.

When eating grains, always try to consume whole grains. Also, try to eat grains along with protein and healthy fats. Steer clear of refined carbs, as they lack the nutrients found in whole grains.

Herbs & Spices
Herbs and spices are a healthy and flavorful addition to any dish. They are rich with antioxidants and help to fight inflammation.

No matter what meal plan or diet you are following, drinking plenty of water is key. In addition to drinking water, you can also sip an espresso or green tea. Both of these beverages will aid in digestion.

Eat Seasonally
Another important facet of the Mediterranean Diet is eating locally sourced foods. By eating seasonally fresh produce you help to broaden your nutrient consumption.

Dine Together
Take after the Greeks and enjoy meals in the company of family and friends. Dining together is a cornerstone in their culture and meals are held in high regard. Sharing meals together can improve digestion and lower stress.

Enjoy the benefits of delicious foods, a healthy diet and weight loss when you enjoy the flavors of the Mediterranean Diet. Live well, eat Greek!

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