Simple Mediterranean Diet Swaps

Constantly rated among the best diets, the Mediterranean Diet is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy fats. While it is relatively easy to follow, the diet promotes weight loss, slows aging and can lower your risk for cardiovascular disease. The Mediterranean Diet allows you enjoy health benefits while still enjoying bread and alcohol.

Make these simple swaps in your diet and reap the health benefits:

Swap Beef for Salmon
Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, salmon is a heart healthy choice. The Mediterranean Diet suggests consuming fish a minimum of twice per week.

Switch Butter for Olive Oil
Olive oil is cholesterol free and filled with heart healthy monounsaturated fats. These fats can aid in lowering cholesterol and have been found to improve memory in aging adults. Olive oil makes the perfect topping for salads, breads, marinades and sautéing vegetables.

Replace Salt with Fresh Herbs
Salt isn’t the one way to add flavor to foods. Use spices to add flavor to foods without adding additional sodium. Herbs add more zest to dishes and a rich in cell protecting antioxidants.

Trade Mayo for Avocado
Sandwiches need something extra to really pack a punch, but there are more options than that creamy mayonnaise. Skip the mayo and opt for an avocado instead. While both have a thick and creamy texture, avocados are packed with heart- healthy fats, fiber and potassium.

Substitute Nuts for Granola Bars
Granola sounds like a healthy option, but many varieties are filled with processed ingredients and sugars. Instead of sodium packed granola, select an assortment of unsalted raw or toasted nuts.

Drink Red Wine Instead of Beer
The Mediterranean Diet does allow for red wine in moderation. Rather than enjoying a beer filled with carbs and empty calories, opt for a glass of red wine. It contains resveratrol which has been linked to lowering cholesterol and preventing heart disease.

Exchange White Bread for Whole Grains
You can still enjoy bread as part of the Mediterranean Diet, just swap your white bread for whole grains. Whole grain breads and pastas contain more fiber, vitamins and minerals. Whole wheat pitas are a healthier option as they are usually lower in calories.
Just like other healthy eating plans, fruits and vegetables are a staple of the Mediterranean Diet. Replace the sugar filled jellies with a variety of berries for that same sweet taste.

Try adding these swaps to your diet for healthy results. Let Acropolis Grill share a taste of the Mediterranean with you.

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