Mediterranean Diet or Mediterranean Lifestyle

The Mediterranean diet is more than just a way of eating, it’s a lifestyle. Like any other diet, to be effective long-term it must become part of your life, not just a fad. The benefits of the Mediterranean diet come from more than a healthy, balanced diet. The lifestyle encompasses physical activity, sharing meals together, simplistic living and happiness.

The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid is filled with fruits, vegetables, grains, olive oil, beans, nuts and seeds, along with herbs and spices.  Wine, poultry, dairy, fish and other types of seafood are consumed in moderation, while red meats and sweets are often only enjoyed on occasion. Like many other aspects of life, balance is key. Focus on eating ingredients from the bottom of the food pyramid and avoid large portion sizes.

A cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet is enjoying meals with friends and family. Meals in this part of the world are seen as an experience, time to enjoy each other’s company and escape the stressors of life. For Greeks, meals are meant to nourish you both physically and spiritually. Not only does this make the meal more enjoyable, it helps to prevent overeating and allows you to enjoy the flavors and ingredients.

There is no gym membership requirement for the Mediterranean lifestyle, though activity does play a significant role. While there is no heavy lifting required, it is vital to walk and stay moving. A brisk walk or bike ride at least 30 minutes each day can reduce chronic stress levels.

Trips to the store are a daily routine for many in the Mediterranean. Rather than stocking up on ingredients a week at a time, Greeks make multiple trips a week, buying fresh produce and other ingredients. There is also limited waste, using leftovers to make paella and day-old bread for fattoush.

Unlike many other meal plans, the Mediterranean Diet is a sustainable way of living, combining fresh foods, family, friends and activity. Enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle and join us for a dinner long escape.

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