Greek Easter Traditions that Mark this Important Holiday

Within the Greek Orthodox faith, Easter is the most important holiday of the entire year. After weeks of careful fasting and prayer during Lent, the Greek people are ready to celebrate Christ’s rebirth with many delicious foods and time-honored traditions of the spring season.

Vasilopita: A New Year’s Tradition

For Greeks, a New Year’s celebration isn’t complete without Vasilopita. Similar to the King Cakes of Mardi Gras, Vasilopita contains a gold coin or trinket, which is said to bring luck to the receiver. Each New Year’s Day families cut the cake, blessing the house and bringing luck to the family for the coming years. Cake is sliced and given to all those present, in order from oldest to youngest. Depending on the culture and family, bread can also be sliced in order to symbolize God, saints, the poor, and the household.

What It Means to Eat Greek

It’s not only the ingredients that make Greek cuisine unique, the belief in sharing meals with others, focusing on nutrition and celebrating life that define the dining experience…

A Big, Fat Greek Thanksgiving

Turkey, all the traditional side dishes and desserts cover the table, as family and friends mingle about, laughing and comparing…

Greek Easter Traditions

At the end of the Easter service (which is done on Saturday evening from 12:00 A.M.-3:30 A.M.) the Priest gives the traditional “RED” Easter eggs to the congregation…


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