Bringing Greek Flavors to Your Kitchen

Whether it’s an afternoon snack or an appetizer for guests, Greek spreads and dips are the perfect addition to any meal. The Spicy Feta Spread and Tzatziki are not only filled with flavor, but they are simple to make at home. These dips along with fresh vegetables and pita slices will bring the tastes of the Mediterranean to your kitchen.

Health and Happiness in a Glass

Not only can a glass of wine help to put a smile on your face after a long day, it also comes with a variety of health benefits…

Start the Mediterranean Diet Today

The Mediterranean Diet has been a way of life and way of eating for centuries. More than a meal plan, this diet is a living style. In addition…

Greek Spice Cake Recipe

Who doesn’t love a nice sweet treat every once in a while? Treat yourself and guests to a Greek Spice Cake at your next event. What better…

A Big, Fat Greek Thanksgiving

Turkey, all the traditional side dishes and desserts cover the table, as family and friends mingle about, laughing and comparing…


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