Our Message Has Crossed Seas

At Acropolis, we are families serving families. Not only do we serve rich and flavorful dishes, but we strive to also serve our community. As owner, Betty Kyriakidis says, the restaurant is a ministry. It is a means to feed guests both spiritually and physically.

We recently learned that our mission had spread beyond Chattanooga. It had made its way back to our roots in Greece. Ms. Betty’s granddaughter, Alexandria George, had been in Greece with The Salvation Army helping Syrian refugees when she met Major Maria Galinou Polis.

While they were talking, Alexandria began telling her about her family’s Greek restaurant back home. After telling her that the restaurant was named Acropolis Grill in Chattanooga, Major Maria smiled and said I follow you on Twitter. As chance would have it, she had been following the same Acropolis Grill in Chattanooga, Tennessee since May.

The stories of family and different generations following in the late Teddy Kyriakidis’ footsteps was inspiring to her.  Following the restaurant on Twitter, she was able to be part of our journey. Even though she may have been a continent away, she became part of our Acropolis family.

We are a family serving families and the community. Each quarter, we partner with area non-profit organizations to support their missions in making Chattanooga a better place for all. We invite you to join our family and allow us to feed you both spiritually and physically.

Join us in continuing to spread the word and help our mission reach beyond Greece.

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