Giveback Night with The Salvation Army

Since the early days, The Salvation Army has always held a special place in the heart of the Butler and Kyriakidis families. Betty was raised in The Salvation Army with both parents serving as officers. For as long as she can remember she was always active in their mission whether through the band, camps, church and even serving in the front lines during times of disaster.

As fate would have it, The Salvation Army was a charity that Teddy Kyriakidis valued as well. Shortly after coming to the United States, his home land of Greece was struck by natural disaster. With phone lines out and significant damage throughout the country, Teddy was left wondering about the welfare of his family overseas. As a last resort for answers, Teddy reached out to The Salvation Army. They said it may take time, but they would do their best to track down his family in Greece. Three days later, Teddy received a phone call saying that his family in Athens was okay.

Teddy was so touched by their efforts that he made it part of his mission to help support The Salvation Army. The family raised their children in The Salvation Army and were active participants in church, band, camps and many other programs. Savas went on to serve on the local Advisory Board for 10 years and Kim has spent 20 years working with the charity in numerous roles. Serving The Salvation Army has become a family tradition.

60 years later the Acropolis and Kyriakidis family still continues the efforts of their founders and give back to the organization, making donations to help support projects, donating food and sponsoring an Angle Tree every Christmas.

Please join us and share your support for The Salvation Army. To celebrate 20 years of serving the community The Acropolis will give back 20% of its daily sales on Tuesday, September 15th.  Come support The Salvation Army by enjoying local, fresh, great food at The Acropolis. Together, The Acropolis and The Salvation Army are “Doing the Most Good!”

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