Chattanooga Local Restaurant History

Former Chef and owner Teddy Kyriakidis came to America in 1951. He brought with him the tastes and aromas from the streets of Athens and the hills of the countryside. With over 60 years experience, he presented the very best Greek food and regional cuisine, all with a contemporary twist.

After living in the United States for only seven years, Teddy bought Harry’s Grill, a 52-seat diner in Asbury Park , New Jersey, located one block off of the beach. With a vision to open a larger restaurant, Teddy acquired Neptune Diner in 1968 in Neptune , New Jersey . There, he had the capacity to seat 225 people. After Neptune diner he moved the family to New York City where he cooked in various restaurants and exposed his kids to his roots with his weekly visits to Hunt’s Point Farmers Market and Fulton Fish Market to find the freshest ingredients.

The Kyriakidis family moved to the Chattanooga area in 1982. The first restaurant they opened was Little Athens in East Ridge , where they proudly served affordable, comfort dining for over 13 years. Dreaming of a restaurant that embodied the true spirit of Greece , the Kyriakidis family opened the Acropolis in July 1995 at Hamilton Place. After 17 years at the Acropolis in August 2012, Teddy passed away leaving the Acropolis to the family to continue his legacy.

In honoring Teddy’s tradition, we partner with local farmers and suppliers to bring straight forward, freshly produced, honest ingredients to your table with the same soul and passion as generations before us.

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